Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Challenge
Announcements :
Who is eligible to participate in DISCOVER?
? Must be a registered student of one of the Participating Universities
? Students at the Masters Level or at the Bachelors Level in their 3rd or 4th year are eligible
What is the Overall Process? What are the deadlines?
Overview of process in given in Program Overview and deadlines are given in the Schedule.
Will any change in Schedules be communicated to the Teams?
Yes, via the registered email IDs of the Students/Teams participating in DISCOVER.
How do Students and Teams participate in DISCOVER?
Eligible students from the participating universities can register ONLINE by Clicking here or by clicking on the “Student” Registration tab. On registering the student will receive an email indicating his/her “Student” Registration ID (RID, which may be used as the Login-ID at later stages) and the Password. The Login-ID (RID) and Password must be saved as this info would be required for various purposes later on. If required, students can make corrections to the registration information by logging into the system. All the registered students would then form teams (Multi-disciplinary) and come up with an idea. Once the team has been formed and the idea has been finalized, the team would register the idea and identify the team members who would work on this idea. The idea and the team can be registered ONLINE byClicking here or by clicking on the “Student Ideas & Teams” Registration tab. Again emails would be sent out to the all the team members indicating the Team-ID (TID), this should also be saved as this will also be used through out the program.
Are there any prescribed Templates available? Is it a must to use these Templates?
It is preferable to use the prescribed DISCOVER Templates, which will be emailed to the teams at the appropiate time.

What are the Awards?

Every team that participates in DISCOVER, irrespective of being declared the Official Winners, or a Finalist, is a Winner. At whatever stage they go out of the competition, they would have established contacts with the people from the industry and would have gone through a great learning experience. The Five Finalist Teams will be offered free of cost housing for six months at the NUST’s Technology Incubation Centre, Islamabad. Apart from the learning, networking and incubation housing, cash prizes will also be awarded to these Five Teams as per details below:

Teams Per Team (Rs.)
   Winner 500,000
   First Runner Up 300,000
   Second Runner Up 250,000
Finalists (Other then winners)Other two Finalists 50,000
Note: Cash awards are subject to availability of enough sponsorship funds
Are there any Plagiarism related rules?
Plagiarism under any circumstances will NOT be tolerated and of any proportion. Any Team found indulging in plagiarism at any stage of the competition would be disqualified. NO awards would be given. Additionally, a strong letter would be sent to the Vice Chancellor of the respective, university
recommending further/legal action as per law, at the university level.
How is the situation handled, if there are two or more SIMILAR Ideas?
If there are claims that others stole the Idea of any team, then the matter would be investigated by the Organizers, who would decide how to deal with the situation. The decision of the Organizers in this regard would be final and binding.
How do I get help?
For any help or further information on DISCOVER, send an email to or contact the DISCOVER Secretariat or your university DISCOVER Coordinator.

Contact Details are as follows:
DISCOVER Secretariat: Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation Drive,
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST),
NUST Campus, H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Tel: (051) 9085 6224; Fax: (051) 908 6222; E-mail:;

How is confidentiality of the ES, EP, BP and P assured?
The HIGHEST CONFIDENTIALITY at ALL Levels will be maintained for all ES, EP, BP and P. Submissions will ONLY be handled by Judges and Mentors/Coaches who are reputed experts, entrepreneurs and industrialists believing in promoting entrepreneurship. Therefore, rest assured that information provided by the participants will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Note: Organizers of the Business Plan Competitions, Financial Investment Professionals such as Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers do NOT sign ANY confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). However, Participants of DISCOVER can be confident that the Organizer, Sponsor, Judges/Mentors will respect the confidential nature of the submissions and honor the spirit of the DISCOVER Program.
What are the Deadlines like?
All Teams must ABSOLUTELY meet the indicated deadlines; all submissions through emails received on or before 5 PM on the deadlines dates as given above would be treated as ON TIME. Any submission AFTER this deadline shall be rejected.
Can one get a Copy of a Business Plan?
Absolutely NO Copies! All Business Plans and other document of participants in DISCOVER are EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL accessible ONLY to the Organizaers, Judges and mentors/coaches.
What should the size of my team be?
Teams are to consist of 5 members and one Domain Expert. Further, every Team should be multi-disciplinary.
How will the Idea, Executive Summary, Elevator Pitch, Business Plan and Presentation be judged?
At EACH stage of the competition, your documents and presentations submitted would be sent to Graders who would grade based on the grading criterions. Please refer to the section on Judging Criterions for details
Can the Teams challenge the decision of the Graders and or Judges?
NO. The decision of the Graders and or Judges would be final, binding and unchallengeable.
How will Inter or intra teams Disputes be handled?
Disputes if any, arising between Inter or Intra Teams would be an Administrative matter of the Organizers, who would constitute a Committee to review and decide how to handle such disputes. The committee decisions will be final and binding